Rodney Wright


Name: Rodney Wright
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Hometown: Wellington
Clothing: Blue Jeans, button-downed shirt, hardhat.
Accessories: Rough Beard (recently burned off)
Hair Color: Blond hair, cut short
Eye Color: Blue eyes
Build/Height: 5’6" Short and Stocky.

Character Aspects Specialty Aspects
Defining Aspect Stoic Miner Exceptional Skill 24-Hour Shifts (Endurance)
Ambition Manifest Destiny Foe(s)
Background Australian Nomad Gear
Conviction No Cost is Too Great Help Dr. Kurensky
Disadvantage Unnecessary Risk-Taker Inferior Skill Headstrong (Persuasion)
Physical Mental Social
Agility 2 Craft 2 Deception 1
Endurance 3 Knowledge 2 Empathy 2
Perception 2 Reasoning 2 Persuasion 2
Strength 3 Willpower 3 Resources 0
Stress 6 Stress 7 Stress 2
Advantages Mechanics Cost
Hard Style x3 +6 WR to unarmed attacks 3
Iron Will +2 Mental Stress 2
Acrobatic +2 falls and diff.terrain 1
Powers Advantage Mechanics Cost
Primal Forms Transmogrification FP, simple action gain AP for forms 5 (4)
Master of Flesh x2 Primal +2 3
Fast Transformation free action 1
Limitation limited to specific, pre-determined forms -1
Primal Tricks Power Tricks flavored tricks, FP to make useful 1
Primal Forms Shapeshifting FP, one turn, redistribute Phys + Primal to Phys and Advantages 6 (9)
Themed Shifting limited to “Primal” forms – nothing natural or artificial -2
Shapeshifting Mastery x2 Primal is 4 higher for this power +2
Conditional Trigger must be in presence of element, lasts 1 scene -2
Limitation limited to pre-determined forms -1

Personality: Laid back and clam. He always looks out for the little guys. Whole not normally a big fan of ‘the man’, he aims to do the right thing.

-Born in Wellington. His mother died when he was a young boy of 8. No siblings and raised by his father.
-Moved with his father to a small mining town.
-Was in the mines by age 15, didn’t work there fully until he graduated high school.
-Leapt at the first chance to leave the small town behind. He met Dr. Kerensky at a local Pub. They hit it off and were inseparable after that.
-Kerensky offered him a job with an international company. He started working for the foreman Big Ray.
-While working there a mineshaft collapsed. Brought to a local hospital where he met Dr. Thomas.
-Invited to join the first colonization ships to the world on the other side of the sun.

Powers: Super Endurance, Manipulation of Primal elements, Material Absorption, Body Transformation

Rodney Wright

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