Far From Home

Self-Discovery 10 - The Coldest Night

By Joe (Dominic)
The sound turned out to be emanating from behind them, as well as in front. As the source became louder, they were beset by several ludicrously large cockroaches, causing Peter to nearly wet himself, as well as freaking out the rest of the group no end. At least until the rest of the COUS’s ran by, followed by the thing they were running from; floating spheres of acid surrounded by broken glass. They were very hostile, and needless to say, incredibly unpleasant to fight. And of course, the group had to fight them. Floating spheres of broken glass are rarely friendly.

After vanquishing them, the group moved on deeper into the caverns, where something odd started happening. It had been cold the entire time, and the more genre savvy among them had already guessed that it was going to get colder before they got out. They were proven right when it started snowing. In a cavern. God only knows how far underground. None of them could make heads or tails out of it, until they noticed red moss covering the walls of the cavern. After Dominic Bertolazzi touched it, freezing his hand in the process, they managed to deduce that it actually sapped the heat out of whatever was nearby, including the air itself, resulting in the hideously low temperature.

As they moved on, vanquishing a few more skeletons (though these were covered in and animated by the cold itself), the snow became stronger and faster, becoming a blizzard. They managed to find refuge in a small side cave in the hallway, protected from the wind. After an hour or so of waiting, they moved on to the exit, finding a tunnel that led upwards into a forest.



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