Far From Home

Self-Discovery 09 - Escape from the Emerald City

By Joe (Dominic)

Realizing that their only hope to stop the Bloodswarm from overrunning the city of the Grey Men was to go past the Swarm and attempt to find the battlefield where it all started, the group began to search for ways out of the city. Their only find, however, was a system of caverns deep beneath the city. Unwilling but without recourse, the group began to plot their journey under the city and the Swarm to get to the battlefield. Gathering supplies around the town, they outfitted themselves as best they could with what they could find, selling the gems that Dominic had found previously, giving them enough funds to purchase components for rituals, as well as give the rest of the survivors enough to get by until they returned, assuming they ever did.

After taking on several more passengers (including Mordecai, a Grey Man merchant, and the Content Not Found: do-sara who would lead them to the battlefield once they reached the surface), they began to make their way down to the caverns, filled with supposedly unspeakably terrible horrors from hell. Or so they had been told. There was no actual evidence of these beings down there, but it’s what everyone said was down there.

Once in the caverns, all seemed rather benign until about ten minutes into the actual caves, when they found a large area with two branching pathways. It was here that they found the first hints of evil, with a band of six skeletons assaulting them, actively seeking their destruction. One hard-won fight later, nearly seeing both Dr. Collins and their guide go down, they managed to recollect themselves and press on down the caverns, heading on deeper.

The next tunnel they found was round with smooth walls, as though something had dissolved the rock away, though they were all baffled as to what could have done that. The answer came in the form when a clear blob dropped from the ceiling onto Dr. Collin’s head, which revealed itself to be some form of Gelatinous Cube, which demonstrated its acidic powers on Dr. Collin’s clothing, though it had apparently no effect on human skin (thankfully). With it in tow, they kept walking as the tunnel shifted from sheer rock into a tunnel filled with crystals, each reflecting light in new directions. It was here that they heard an odd sound in front of them that they couldn’t quite identify…



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