Far From Home

Self-Discovery 07 - Amateur Spelunking

By Mike (James)
After much exhausting travel with the bloodswarm closing in, the survivors could see an emerald city at the end of the road. An ominous rumbling, the beat of the drums of war approach behind the survivors. All hope seems lost as the swarm is closes in and there is not enough time to escape to the city. At what seemed to be the last possible moment a Father Langdon noticed a small entrance to a cave that could provide a spot for the survivors to hide.

Father Langdon led the group into the cave, The cart and rations were left behind and smashed so it could cover the cave’s entrance. Once inside Rodney noticed a small riverbed path that led deeper into the cave. Father Langdon and Dr. Collins led the way while Peter and Dominic stood near the entrance. Almost half of the survivors were able get down the path, when a scratching sound began to emanate from the entrance. The group was almost out of view, but they were spotted by a skeletal creature that let out a bloodcurdling scream to signal for more creatures. Peter, Rodney and Dominic held the creatures back while the survivors could continue escaping. They bought much needed time for the survivors and Father Langdon and Dr. Collins led them down what they hope was a path toward the city.

Rodney decided to serve as a decoy and lead the skeletal swarm down another path. He managed to get all the swarm following him and he ran without any particular direction in mind and happened to escape them and possibly cause them to fall down a long crevasse.

Another fork in the path caused some panicked survivors to find themselves lost in the caves. Dr. Collins doubled back and was able to find a few stragglers and lead them to the rest of the group. Father Langdon took a risk and decided they should head down a path that was freshly carved by a Groundbreaker, but this path lead directly to the city. after some travel they found themselves at an emerald glowing stone wall. the path went toward the surface.

At the surface Dr. Collins noticed that they were just outside the city and scaling the wall would be impossible with the wounded. Even worse the Bloodswarm was lining up in formation in preparation for taking the city by storm. The survivors went back into the caves to find another exit. Peter and Dr. Collins searched for a way out while the remaining survivors rested in an large opening in the heart of the cave. Dominic and Father Langdon kept watch and searched near the group for and dangers or possible exits.

Rodney continued down the cave where he noticed some green glowing ore. He followed it and found a stone door with a mechanism for opening it. After a few tries he was able to open it and go through. Through the door he found inhabitants similar to the ones depicted at the monastery found earlier. Rodney realized he was able to communicate with the “Grey Men” and asked for help and told them of his party’s plight. He was brought to the city elder and he told of his companions and their abilities. Upon hearing of Dr. Collin’s ability to command the elements a search party was sent because they believe that he can turn the tide of this siege.

Peter and Dr. Collins searched for hours looking for ways out and marking their progress on the cave walls. They eventually find the same entrance that Rodney had found earlier. Unfortunately, they were unable to understand or speak with the Grey Men but they were brought into the city. They met with Rodney and the search party Rodney and Dr. Collins stayed in the city to prepare for the siege, while Peter reunited with the survivors and led them to the city. The wounded are being tended to, fed and our heroes prepare for the fight of their lives.



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